Thursday, 3 November 2011

GW Tyranid Army

Here is a selection of pictures of a Tyranid army i sold a little while back. Unfortunately i didnt take photos of the complete army but i think this selection gives an idea of how they looked. The Warriors (not pictured) got through to the finals of a Golden Demon competition; which i was quite pleased with especially as it was my first attempt. I painted up some additional units for the new owner which were also very well received.

Carnifex converted up using Forgeworld parts....

My favourites of the whole lot were definately these flying Warriors. I think they took longer to convert than they did to paint. From memory they look around 4 hours on each model to convert and get the 'swooping attack' look. 

OOP Raveners each one converted in a slight way to get a different look.

This Red Terror was converted in a small way and the base was fun to make.

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