Saturday, 31 March 2012

28mm Resin Barn Building - part 4

Following on my previous blog, I decided to get another building from TSS. I went for another barn but with a couple of outhouses to add something on the side.
So a little bit of thinking time and i came up with making this a stable, with dormer windows in the roof area and only extend out one side. There will be a hayloft with access with a front top window, and an upper loading platform running from front to back. I'll have to make one side for the extended area and a roof which will be tar and paper construction. I'll also have to make a base and the extended side will sectioned up with bays for horses.

I've uploaded the pictures of the parts, forgive the pencil markings, i've already started marking out where i'll be cutting and modifiying the castings


Monday, 12 March 2012

28mm Resin Buildings - Part 3 Painting the corrugated metal roof

I wanted a weathered look and spent a bit of time looking at pictures on the internet until I came up with something I liked.

I stated with a basecoat of boltgun metal, and then gave this a wash of a 50/50 mix of black ink and water.
Having left this to completely dry I then stippled on a mix of bestial brown and fiery orange.

I then gave it another stippled coat with just fiery orange until the roof had a good coverage. At this stage the edges were also drybrushed with fiery orange.

After this was completely dry I gave it a wash of devlan mud.

When dry, another wash of 50/50 mix of black ink and water. I think this gives it a bit of depth and shade, and helps blends in the colours.

And here is the completed roof. I hope you agree but I think the finished effect is quite realistic and relatively easy to achieve....

Sunday, 11 March 2012

28mm Resin Buildings - Part 2 painting

I started with a black undercoat, then various dry brush coats of scorched earth, and bestial brown. To give the buildings a proper aged look I then dry brushed with codex grey, then bleached bone until the surfaces had a grey weathered look.

The roofs were done in a similar way but I didn’t quite want the distressed look, so wanted a slightly browner finish. 

The roof of the outhouse and small dwelling came out well, but the casting on the barn roof was a bit ‘fuzzy’ and it didn’t paint up well. I didn’t like this and it didn’t look right when next to the other buildings. You can see in the pictures how it came out; the barn roof is on the left.

 I decided to change this and went for a corrugated effect. I had some plastic corrugated sheets left over and put together a new roof. Luckily they almost perfect in size, so barely any trimming had to be done, to make the new modifications. The underside was scratched up the same way as before, and roof struts identical to the previous ones, were also added.

Here's the posting on painting the corrugated rusty metal roof in case anyone wants to see how I complete the paint job .....

Here are the three finished buildings. Considering the initial cost, with the extra little bit of work I think they have turned out well.

The castings are pretty good, and well detailed, so much so, I’ve decided to order an extra barn direct from TSS, which I intend to convert in some way. I’ll keep you posted how it goes……

Friday, 9 March 2012

28mm Resin Buildings - Part 1

I picked up some buildings on eBay at a reasonable price so I thought I’d have a go at putting them together. They were parts from TSS (Total System Scenic) for 3 buildings; a barn, small dwelling and an outhouse.
I think they are good value for money, and having the parts first hand I thought they were pretty well detailed. A little bit of care when putting them together gives you some very good terrain pieces. Shown pictured with GW 28mm figures the scale of the buildings is pretty good too.

I wanted to put the buildings together so the roofs were removable, so I added some locating pieces of timber on the outhouse, firstly to stop it sliding forwards and secondly as facia boards on the ends to locate it centrally. The facia boards also helped straighten up the slightly curved roof moulding, which does in fact add a little character. For the barn and small dwelling I added roof struts to give it some structural strength, and help the roof stand up to the small knock during game play.  These also serve dual purpose as they act as locating timbers to keep the roofs central on the buildings. I also added some ridge tiles to the top edges to help disguise the join on the two roof components.

I added floors to all the buildings and also a back to the outhouse, so it could be used on its own. The barn has a sand type base, and floorboards floors were added to the other two buildings. I also added some extra timber on the side faces to cover some of the joins on the barn, I opened up the windows on the small dwelling and put an extra window in the barn. Unfortunately i didnt take a pictured at this point, but they'll show up on the finished pictures.

After putting the barn together I added a small upper floor to make the top window accessible and a small ladder. I think this helps give an extra bit of detail, and adds a firing platform for a sniper or two.

One of the things that needed a bit of extra work were filling the small air bubbles on the inside faces and then trying to add a bit of detail to make painting easier. In the various pictures you can probably see the green stuff added to fill the air bubbles. While cleaning up the green stuff I decided to sand all the inner faces with a rough grit sand paper (80grit) to scratch up the surface and make it slightly easier to paint. When painting completely flat, smooth surfaces it is some times more difficult to get a decent finish without putting in a lot of work in, and I’d rather put that time in painting the outside.
Now to crack on with the part 2, the painting…