Saturday, 1 August 2020

28mm Urban/Post Apocalyptic barricades

I recently made up some Urban/Post Apocalyptic Barricades. Scratch built from various styrene sheets, styrene 'I' beams, and various other corrugated materials, although I tried to use different sizes of corrugated materials to add some variation. The boxes, tyres, sacks and barrels are resin casts items, pallets are 3D printed. Based on 2mm MDF with all pigments sealed for durability, they were really enjoyable to make. I hope you like the pictures.... 

First set, front view..

First set, back view..

Second set, front view..

Second set back view..

Third set, front view..

Third set, back view..

Fourth set, front view..

Fourth set, back view..

Friday, 24 July 2020

28mm Scouring of the Shire, Halfling Burrows, Halfling homes

Here’s a couple more pieces of terrain I’ve been working on recently. Two more Halfling Burrows from Terrain at Model Earth

Here they are before i set to work on them..

The first was a relatively easy conversion,

The right hand side was cut and filed to fit around one of my resin cast chimneys.

 then a simple cut along the left upright timber and a piece of Wills plasticard to bring out the front, with a small section of stone to recreate the lower stone work 

Here is the front cut and ready for glueing up

And viola here is the finished piece..

The second was a little more ambitious...

I wanted to make a porch and a log store, so i started with the most simplest of cuts to make the log store. A nice straight cut down the right vertical timber and a bit of Wills plasticard.


This was fitted ontop of a small offcut of one of my resin chimneys to give a stone step effect. A small piece of balsa was then added to recreate a vertical timber

I then set about creating the porch. I found a 1/48th scale Rustic porch at Petite PropertiesA nice little kit that would be perfect with a little bit of cutting and fettleing.

It comes with a set of instructions, but being typically male, i ignored those and proceeded with the build.. 

I used only three parts of the kit, the front frame and two of the roof timber sections. I had to use a couple of match sticks to bring the porch off the resin front to avoid the roof shingles, and used a bit of blue-tac to help eye everything up

I cut one of my resin log piles in half to give me a starting point of how far out to build the log store...

and set about creating a little nook out of some more Wills plasticard Lime sheets. I used an offcut from the porch kit to give a bit of roof detail over the log store, and a bit of Wills planking for the porch roof

Some strips of plasticard finished off the roof shingles above the log store to give me this.. In this picture you can see a planter box under the window, bit i omitted this on the finished piece. A bit of stone effect plasticard was used for the floor paving  

Here are a few finished pictures of both these completed pieces. 

The windows, chimneys, boxes and barrels are from my own resin cast pieces, along with a few small bricks from plaster. A water jug from a dolls house furniture kit completes the lived in effect

I hope you like the pictures, I'm really quite pleased with how they came out....

Thursday, 16 July 2020

28mm Forgeworld Hobbit Hole commisison - part two

Here are the finished photos of this commission, build and painting as per my others. Now in the hands of a happy owner, I hope you like the photos....

Sunday, 28 June 2020

28mm Forgeworld Hobbit hole commission - part one

I had been asked to make two Hobbit Holes using the Forgeworld fronts. This was way back before the lockdown, so its taken a while for Forgeworld to get back to work and enable me to buy the components. The customer had seen some of my earlier builds and wanted me to make them look lived in and to split the front so they were not flat. So here are a few pictures of the builds....

The parts as them come from Forgeworld . Decent quality castings with little or no air bubbles, and nicely packaged

The first variant of resin front..

The second variant..

The first build was similar to one of my earlier ones, so i set about cutting the front to make space for one of my resin cast chimneys

Some Wills plasticard and Balsa gave me this...

Then some Wills planking cut into small strips was used for the roof shingles....

Here is the front primed and ready for the next part of the process (the chimney top is to be added during the next part of the build)...

The second build used the other variant of the resin fronts, this time splitting the front by incorporating a log store. Two vertical cuts at stategic places with a bit of balsa and Wills plasticard gave me this...

Different angle with some of my resin logs (taken out to make painting easier)

To add a bit of variety this time i used thick card for the shingles, here it is primed and ready for the next stage of the build....

I hope you like the pictures, part two will follow shortly...