Sunday, 27 November 2011

28mm Sandbag Emplacement

Here's something new i've been working on for the last few weeks. I liked making the sandbag barricades so thought i'd move onto an emplacement piece. Its modelled with a view for complete squads of 10 or so models, with or without heavy weapons, and the crates inside give places for kneeling models to fire from. I've also added some extra details like a map on the rear crate, and some spent shell on the floor. If you're interested they are available cast in resin via my Terrain for sale page. I hope you like it, the pictures show it painted in desert and earthy terrain.....

Monday, 21 November 2011

Kraal Rough Stone Walling

I've just finished these latest terrain pieces. They look good for a Rorke's Drift type setting but could be used for any wall type barricade. They are available on my Terrain for sale page.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Trees and swamp plants

Here's a selection of foliage that i put together. The first two pieces were simple foam lumps with twigs glued in to look like broken trees. The bushes are little plastic ones brought from a craft shop.

These are from the GW range. Relatively simple to base and paint they are versatile and being based handy to place anywhere.

These were the easiest to make. They are fish tank plants that come in large mats. I just clipped off enough to fit on a 40mm base, added some sand, paint and then water effect to give a swamp effect. Being based they are handy and can give areas of swamp foliage quite easily. 

Alien pod plants

I made these from the containers that oranges come in. Using tissue paper and glue to give the vein appearance, i think it looks suitable for alien terrain

Burial Mound Terrain

I made this piece ages ago. It is based on a burial mound and has a lift off roof. I've added a GW skeleton to give an idea of scale

28mm scale Sandbag barricades

I particulary like these terrain pieces i've finished. 3 Sandbag barricades with crates, and barrels mixed to form a bit of cover. They're cast in resin and available on my Terrain for sale page....

28mm scale Urban Rubble Barricades

I've just finished working on these 28mm scale Urban Rubble Barricades. They're well detailed, cast in resin and available via my Terrain for sale page.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Wound Markers

Relatively simple but effective. It saves using dice and adds something a bit different  

GW Parliamentary Figures

These two were painted up for a scenerio to add as hostage objectives, and i added a bit more detail to the base with the paving type effect.

GW Techmarine and Servitors

I put these guy together as a combat servitor. He's a lot bigger than the others but he does look the part. I wanted to add a bit of humour whilst i was painting him, so i put a target on his chest 

GW Salamanders Vehicles

Here are the vehicles from the same army.

The Tank Turrets all have magnetized weapons so they can be swapped around to suit.

With the turrets interchangeable this Razorback can be changed into a Whirlwind quite easily.

Here's the Turrets and hatches

The gunners and bottom mounted weapons are magnetised so they can also be swapped around

GW Space Marine Salamanders

Here is a selection of pictures from a Salamanders Army my son collected. It is huge and around 3000 points. My favourite models to paint were probably the Terminators and i like the way they turned out.