Saturday, 26 May 2012

Perry Miniatures North American Store & Farmhouse

They're both painted up and I'm really pleased with how they've turned out. I'm planning on adding some more details to the inside of the store, but i'm going to leave the Farmhouse as it is. I hope you like them...

The chimney came out well, i think the little bit of kit bashing was worthwhile exercise.

I wasnt planning on keeping the farmhouse, so i'll be putting it up on ebay in the next few days. Feel free to PM me if you're interested in getting it from me direct ....Thanks for you're comments on my previous postings, it helps make these projects that little bit more fun...

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Perry Miniatures - North American Store & Farmhouse

Just a quick post with a couple of pictures of the store. I'm relatively pleased with how its going so far, i haven't started on the roof sections yet and the deckings needs a bit more detailing.

Not quite sure what sign to put up over the awning, i was thinking of making it a general store, but i'm open to suggestions. I'm also thinking of making some removable furniture inside; maybe a counter and some shelving, not too much to take away skirmish space, but just enought to add the the shop feel.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Perry Miniatures - North American Store & Farmhouse

I picked up the Store and Farmhouse at Salute, so i thought it was time to put these kits together.

American Store first.....

Good old lego helped hold things square and acted as another hand !

On the whole the parts fit together relatively well but i wanted to add a little bit to the basic kit. A bit of Wills planking sheet went down for a floor,and a few matchsticks added some timbers to the verandas. There is a roof on the front porch but I've left it off just to help the paint job.

Next the Farmhouse ....

Its pretty much the same building except the front wall is different, with this having a chimney end wall. Dry fitting the wall to the other fixed parts, i didnt really like the 'unchimney' effect. (not sure if thats even a word but the picture should show what i mean!)

Luckily the Store kit came with a spare chimney end wall, so i set about making an internal chimney. It was pretty straight forward really, just a bit of cutting, sanding and gap filling with greenstuff.

Glued in place i think it adds a little something extra and was worth the extra time.

Roofs on both buildings are removable and had struts to give them a bit of strength.

Here's both buildings assembled, hopefully I'll get the primer on tommorrow and make a start with basic basecoating 

Monday, 14 May 2012

28mm Circular Sandbag Barricades

Its been a busy weekend and with the Redoubt, this is the second of my pieces i've managed to get finished. I've scuplted them to match up with my other sandbag sections, and are approx 150mm in linear length. They measure 21mm at the highest point, and 18mm at the slightly lower middle point for a heavy weapon or kneeling figure to fire through.

They're cast in resin and available direct from me via my Terrain for sale page for £6.49 + p&p

Sunday, 13 May 2012

28mm Sandbag, Mealie Bag Redoubt - Finished....

Finally i managed to get my latest piece finished this weekend. I'm really pleased with how its turned out, and also its versatility as well. As a full redoubt it will come as a 4 piece kit, two U shaped sandbag pieces,and 2 U shaped firing step pieces. Nothing needs gluing together as it can be used perfectly with just a paint job.

It can also be purchased as half a redoubt in just the two sections, and also with or without a firing step. It measures 160mm by 80mm externally, and 120mm x 60mm internally, with the height at 32mm.The firing step is 10mm high. The picture shows the models inside on the firing step, and the ones in front at normal game table height. As with all my other pieces, i've tried to add as much detail as possible without over doing things. I think the close up shots give a good idea of how it looks with GW 28mm figures.

Its cast in resin and available direct from me via my Terrain for sale page at £13.49 + p&p.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

28mm Sandbag Redoubt - Moulds ready for the castings

This is just a quick posting, the moulds are ready and the first castings will be poured tommorrow.

While i was at it, i've knocked up some circular sandbag barricades,and poured a mould so they'll be cast as well tommorrow

With a bit of luck I should some pictures of the painted castings in the next few days.