Monday, 26 August 2013

Sandbag Redoubt and Circular Sandbag Barricades re-released

To go with the re-release of my other barricades, I'm now able to offer my previous products with an improved quality. As with my other items, new moulds have been made with degassed silicone, with an improved resin and casting technique.

28mm Sandbag/ Mealie Bag Redoubt

It comes as a four piece kit, two 'U' shaped sandbag sections and two 'U' shaped firing steps.

Circular Sandbag Barricades

Set of three unpainted circular lengths, with surface texture and stitching.

Sandbag Piles and Crate Barricades

A  set of four sandbag piles with surface texture and stitching.

Cast Sandbag sections


A new item made with dioramas and terrain builders in mind, i've produced this set of cast sandbag sections. Different lengths combine to make a total length of 760mm (30") sandbags.

They are available on my Terrain for sale page, please contact me if you are interested

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Praetorian Defence Line and Sandbag Barricades

I'm re-releasing these barricades now i've been able to improve the quality. New moulds have been made with degassed silicone, with an improved resin and casting technique.

The detail pickup has improved massively and I'm very happy with how they now look.

Sandbag Defence Line £14.99

A set of eight barricades in total, with four 5" lengths and four 2" lengths. They come unpainted with a decal sheet for detailing the boxes, and offer a good alternative for the Aegis Line Barricades

Sandbag Barricades £9.99

Set of three 5" unpainted lengths, with surface texture and stitching.

Sandbag and Crate Barricades £9.99

Another set of three 5" unpainted lengths, with surface texture and stitching. There is graining on the boxes to simulate wood, and they come with a decal sheet for applying to the boxes.

They are available on my Terrain for sale page, please contact me if you are interested

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Old West buildings

Here's a quick post of a couple of Old West i've just finished. I went for a very aged look, i hope my paintings skills carried it off.
The posters were included in an article from wargames illustrated a while back, i think they add a nice little touch. Hope you enjoy...

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Barman - Dixon Miniatures

Here's a quick post of a miniature i've just finished. He's been in my lead mountain for a while and just had the urge to get him painted. Its a great sculpt from Dixons Miniatures, which made it all the more easier to paint. The base is a 25mm circle of Wills planking, and i think it finishes the mini off for the better. Hope you enjoy !!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

28mm Roman Fort

Here's a few pictures of the finished Fort. I'm please with how its turned out and learned a lot in certain parts of its construction. The two Barrack buildings are removable and have lift off roofs, and the gate tower is removable for storage. The gates are also hinged to keep the barbarian hordes out. I'm guessing it could be used without the gate tower and buildings for many other periods.

I hope you like it, please feel free to leave any comments.


Sunday, 21 April 2013

28mm Roman Fort WIP

Here's a few shots of the early stages. It's not exactly ground breaking construction and my methods have probably been covered many times before. I've tried to base the fort on the one featured in the movie The Eagle, although i've had to resize my buildings inside it to prevent it becoming too big.

A basic foam shape on top of a 3mm MDF baseboard, with watered down tile adhesive to give some hardness to the foam.

The wooden stakes are actually a nice little find from Poundland.
Its amazing what you can find in there, and I think, a good place to look for terrain. Removal of the wire banding gives loads of sticks to cut and shape. Perfect really...
More WIP shots to follow...

Saturday, 20 April 2013

28mm Warlord Roman Sentries

Its been a long time since my last post, nearly 6 months i think. It's nice to be back and spending some non-work time, relaxing and getting back into my hobbies. Over the past few weeks i've been getting some of my barricade designs ready for contract casting, and also started work on a Roman Fort.

No camp would be right without a few sentries to keep an eye on the local tribes, and the sculpts from Warlord are perfect.

The shield transfers are superb and really give the figures something. I wish i could paint to that level, and envy those that can. The tents in the pictures are from some camp dioramas i've also been working on. I think they add a little atmosphere to the pictures, even if they aren't 100% historically correct.
I'll post a few WIP pictures of the Fort tomorrow, its good to be back!