Monday, 26 August 2013

Sandbag Redoubt and Circular Sandbag Barricades re-released

To go with the re-release of my other barricades, I'm now able to offer my previous products with an improved quality. As with my other items, new moulds have been made with degassed silicone, with an improved resin and casting technique.

28mm Sandbag/ Mealie Bag Redoubt

It comes as a four piece kit, two 'U' shaped sandbag sections and two 'U' shaped firing steps.

Circular Sandbag Barricades

Set of three unpainted circular lengths, with surface texture and stitching.

Sandbag Piles and Crate Barricades

A  set of four sandbag piles with surface texture and stitching.

Cast Sandbag sections


A new item made with dioramas and terrain builders in mind, i've produced this set of cast sandbag sections. Different lengths combine to make a total length of 760mm (30") sandbags.

They are available on my Terrain for sale page, please contact me if you are interested