Saturday, 18 August 2012

28mm Colonial Building, Rorkes Drift Finished

I've stuck with the colour schemes and i'm pretty chuffed with how this has turned out. I've added some static grass, a few tufts, and some barrels and crates, I hope you like the finished pictures...

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

28mm Colonial Building, Rorkes Drift WIP

I've almost finished painting the building and just have a few small details to finish off. But i'm not sure on the colour of the roof, what do you think, does it look right? I'd appreciate any comments....

Thursday, 9 August 2012

28mm Colonial Building, Rorkes Drift WIP

I've been wanting to make a building for the Zulu wars theme for quite a while now and after putting together a card mock up, i found some time to crack on with a finished piece.
The walls etc were made from blue 3mm foam board, engraved with random areas of dressed stone, then covered with a render effect. I  used a watered down mix of tile adhesive for the rendering, which i applied in 3 thin coats, sanding inbetween, to get a decent textured effect. I left areas of the stonework showing through to get an aged look and will help to break up the white render when it comes to painting time.
Things like the door frames and window shutters are scratch bult from balsa wood, as was the front planking, which i engraved with a boarding effect.
I wasnt planning on putting interior walls in but they do give it a bit extra strength, so i made them with big opening so they wouldnt take away any skirmish space.
The thatched roof was made using towelling, and there are many tutorials on the web explaining many methods, but i basically cut strips and used watered down PVA to glue it in place. 


I think the scale looks ok for 28mm figures, and i'm sure it could be used in many settings. I'm looking forward to getting the time to get this painted, and i'll be adding some crates and barrels around the exterior to add a bit more detail...

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Artizan WW2 Commandos

After my varnish nightmare back in June, I stripped these guys back to the metal and started all over again. I finished the flesh areas last night and managed to get a good days painting in today to get these far. With the Olympics on in background i had a good bit of inspiration, and chuffed with how fast these boys have come along.

Hopefully I'll get them completed tommorrow and be able to post some finished shots up in evening

Friday, 3 August 2012

Praetorian 40K Objective Markers

Ok, so here's the last one if finished making up. I've had to do a load of green stuff to get it right but i think it serves its purpose. I originally had the idea of a wounded Praetorian being dragged to safety but with my limited green stuff skills and the limited poses of the metal Praetorian models, i went for the next best thing of a guy being picked up by his legs prior to being dragged to safety.

I basically took a running trooper, cut off his arms and head, repaired his torso with some green stuff scuplting, added some plastic arms from my bits box and finished with some epaulettes.

His legs were bent into shape a little and his head reattached to a downward facing position. The casualty was a standard one with his legs bent into a just lifted postion.

I'm happy with the result and how they turned out. I had another chap on the go, but i've decided to put him on the back burner until these chaps are painted up. Here's a few more shots of all the conversions before the primer coat goes on tomorrow..