Thursday, 2 May 2013

28mm Roman Fort

Here's a few pictures of the finished Fort. I'm please with how its turned out and learned a lot in certain parts of its construction. The two Barrack buildings are removable and have lift off roofs, and the gate tower is removable for storage. The gates are also hinged to keep the barbarian hordes out. I'm guessing it could be used without the gate tower and buildings for many other periods.

I hope you like it, please feel free to leave any comments.



  1. I bet you're pleased with it, its excellent!!!

  2. Thanks Ray... for some reason i've always wanted to make one and did it more to learn a little in its construction.

  3. Nce work - this is absolutely ace!

    Back when I used to live in Norwich I was out for a stroll around Venta Icenorum (Boudicca's old hangout) when I found some Romano-British pottery by the base of a tree - obviously it'd just been worked up by the roots over the last 1700 years or so...

  4. Hello punk, I'm pleased with your skills, what would be your price for this romen fortress.