Sunday, 13 May 2012

28mm Sandbag, Mealie Bag Redoubt - Finished....

Finally i managed to get my latest piece finished this weekend. I'm really pleased with how its turned out, and also its versatility as well. As a full redoubt it will come as a 4 piece kit, two U shaped sandbag pieces,and 2 U shaped firing step pieces. Nothing needs gluing together as it can be used perfectly with just a paint job.

It can also be purchased as half a redoubt in just the two sections, and also with or without a firing step. It measures 160mm by 80mm externally, and 120mm x 60mm internally, with the height at 32mm.The firing step is 10mm high. The picture shows the models inside on the firing step, and the ones in front at normal game table height. As with all my other pieces, i've tried to add as much detail as possible without over doing things. I think the close up shots give a good idea of how it looks with GW 28mm figures.

Its cast in resin and available direct from me via my Terrain for sale page at £13.49 + p&p.


  1. This is terrific! I'm a little late to the party but do you still offer it for sale?

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