Friday, 3 August 2012

Praetorian 40K Objective Markers

Ok, so here's the last one if finished making up. I've had to do a load of green stuff to get it right but i think it serves its purpose. I originally had the idea of a wounded Praetorian being dragged to safety but with my limited green stuff skills and the limited poses of the metal Praetorian models, i went for the next best thing of a guy being picked up by his legs prior to being dragged to safety.

I basically took a running trooper, cut off his arms and head, repaired his torso with some green stuff scuplting, added some plastic arms from my bits box and finished with some epaulettes.

His legs were bent into shape a little and his head reattached to a downward facing position. The casualty was a standard one with his legs bent into a just lifted postion.

I'm happy with the result and how they turned out. I had another chap on the go, but i've decided to put him on the back burner until these chaps are painted up. Here's a few more shots of all the conversions before the primer coat goes on tomorrow..

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