Sunday, 11 March 2012

28mm Resin Buildings - Part 2 painting

I started with a black undercoat, then various dry brush coats of scorched earth, and bestial brown. To give the buildings a proper aged look I then dry brushed with codex grey, then bleached bone until the surfaces had a grey weathered look.

The roofs were done in a similar way but I didn’t quite want the distressed look, so wanted a slightly browner finish. 

The roof of the outhouse and small dwelling came out well, but the casting on the barn roof was a bit ‘fuzzy’ and it didn’t paint up well. I didn’t like this and it didn’t look right when next to the other buildings. You can see in the pictures how it came out; the barn roof is on the left.

 I decided to change this and went for a corrugated effect. I had some plastic corrugated sheets left over and put together a new roof. Luckily they almost perfect in size, so barely any trimming had to be done, to make the new modifications. The underside was scratched up the same way as before, and roof struts identical to the previous ones, were also added.

Here's the posting on painting the corrugated rusty metal roof in case anyone wants to see how I complete the paint job .....

Here are the three finished buildings. Considering the initial cost, with the extra little bit of work I think they have turned out well.

The castings are pretty good, and well detailed, so much so, I’ve decided to order an extra barn direct from TSS, which I intend to convert in some way. I’ll keep you posted how it goes……

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