Monday, 12 March 2012

28mm Resin Buildings - Part 3 Painting the corrugated metal roof

I wanted a weathered look and spent a bit of time looking at pictures on the internet until I came up with something I liked.

I stated with a basecoat of boltgun metal, and then gave this a wash of a 50/50 mix of black ink and water.
Having left this to completely dry I then stippled on a mix of bestial brown and fiery orange.

I then gave it another stippled coat with just fiery orange until the roof had a good coverage. At this stage the edges were also drybrushed with fiery orange.

After this was completely dry I gave it a wash of devlan mud.

When dry, another wash of 50/50 mix of black ink and water. I think this gives it a bit of depth and shade, and helps blends in the colours.

And here is the completed roof. I hope you agree but I think the finished effect is quite realistic and relatively easy to achieve....

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