Wednesday, 11 April 2012

28mm Resin Barn Building Finished

I've finished painting the barn. I wanted an old weathered finish, so i primarily used grey colours on top of a black base coat. I'm happy with the look, and the planking has turned out well. I hope you agree...

The roof came out ok but it looked to 'new', so i added some new strips of 'tar paper' using masking tape. I allowed it to wrinkle when putting it on, which i think adds a little character.

The roof also lifts off in one piece, keeping it safer, and the struts add a bit of strength to keep it from breaking.

  The interior has more of a barn feel, with 2 sectioned of areas for livestock, a random scattering of hay, a couple of my resin boxes, and water buckets courtesy of GW.

Unfortunately i dont have any western miniatures to picture with it yet, but when i do I'll post some pictures up.

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