Friday, 6 April 2012

28mm Resin Barn Building - Part 5

I've gone and been a bit eager the put the barn together without any progress pictures. My apologies.... Anyway here it is constructed and waiting for the paint job.

You can see clearly the off white resin components with all the extra additions.  I've cut out the apertures and framed them with balsa, and made up the dormer window in the roof. The roof is made from sandpaper stuck down on thin plastic with contact adhesive. This should give me a good surface to paint on and give a bit of detail. The roof lifts off in one piece and has support struts similiar to my other buildings.

A floor from hardboard (which will be sand textured) has strengthened up the whole building, but i've kept in within the barn walls so it can be put on a much larger board for gaming. It is intended for use as a livery stable so i've added a little detail inside, but not too much so not to impend on any figures moving around inside. The crates in the corner are from resin and poured from moulds i've made. I think the loading platform adds something different from other buildings of this nature.

All in all i'm happy with the way its turned out.

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