Sunday, 20 May 2012

Perry Miniatures - North American Store & Farmhouse

Just a quick post with a couple of pictures of the store. I'm relatively pleased with how its going so far, i haven't started on the roof sections yet and the deckings needs a bit more detailing.

Not quite sure what sign to put up over the awning, i was thinking of making it a general store, but i'm open to suggestions. I'm also thinking of making some removable furniture inside; maybe a counter and some shelving, not too much to take away skirmish space, but just enought to add the the shop feel.


  1. Looks an excellent building, nice one! Just stumbled across your blog and joined up!!

  2. Really taking shape now; how about a liquor store, a sort of 19th century off licence if you will.

    1. Great idea with the liquor store, hope you like what i've done with it ..