Friday, 18 May 2012

Perry Miniatures - North American Store & Farmhouse

I picked up the Store and Farmhouse at Salute, so i thought it was time to put these kits together.

American Store first.....

Good old lego helped hold things square and acted as another hand !

On the whole the parts fit together relatively well but i wanted to add a little bit to the basic kit. A bit of Wills planking sheet went down for a floor,and a few matchsticks added some timbers to the verandas. There is a roof on the front porch but I've left it off just to help the paint job.

Next the Farmhouse ....

Its pretty much the same building except the front wall is different, with this having a chimney end wall. Dry fitting the wall to the other fixed parts, i didnt really like the 'unchimney' effect. (not sure if thats even a word but the picture should show what i mean!)

Luckily the Store kit came with a spare chimney end wall, so i set about making an internal chimney. It was pretty straight forward really, just a bit of cutting, sanding and gap filling with greenstuff.

Glued in place i think it adds a little something extra and was worth the extra time.

Roofs on both buildings are removable and had struts to give them a bit of strength.

Here's both buildings assembled, hopefully I'll get the primer on tommorrow and make a start with basic basecoating 

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  1. Good progress, I love the internal chimney with mantle piece. I also picked up a farmhouse a Salute, so will be watching your progress with interest.